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Commercial RE Lending

It’s the next frontier for credit union growth -- Commercial Real Estate Lending is a vast yet largely unexplored opportunity. The cost, time constraints and regulations make it unrealistic for many credit unions to enter the market quickly and successfully. Members Mortgage Company removes these barriers to help you serve businesses.

Key Features

MMC offers commercial real estate loan products with flexible terms, competitive rates, attractive fixed and variable rate options, and a high level of personal attention. We underwrite loans for the credit union’s portfolio and, at the credit union’s option, can also provide Loan Servicing.

  • Commercial Real Estate Mortgages – We provide mortgages for retail, office, and multi-family real estate projects.
  • Boost competitiveness and build membership – Adding Commercial Real Estate Lending services expands your appeal to current and prospective members, from small business owners and entrepreneurs to the self-employed and small investors in commercial property.

  • Generate income – Rates on commercial loans are typically higher than consumer or mortgage loans. If you do not want to keep the loan in your portfolio, MMC can sell it on the secondary market, and you will receive a fee.

  • Improve asset liability management –Diversifying your portfolio with commercial loans may help manage risk.

  • Get to market quickly and cost effectively – Building a commercial lending department requires substantial time and effort, not only to serve business members but to comply with regulators’ requirements. With MMC, you gain an expert staff, without the investment in overhead.
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To learn more about Commercial Real Estate Lending, contact Denise DiIorio at
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