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Credit Union Real Estate Services

Thinking of buying or selling your home? This should be a joyous event in your life. However, many of us find it is a complicated, frustrating, costly maze with a seemingly endless number of roadblocks and obstacles standing in our way. . Through your Credit Union, you now have access to a complimentary program designed exclusively for members like you that will provide an exceptional home-buying or selling experience while saving you thousands of dollars! We are proud to introduce yet another benefit to being a credit union member…

Real Estate Services is helping credit union members by providing them with "A Better Way to Buy a Home."

This exclusive program is designed to take the guesswork out of selecting a real estate agent, and to ensure the highest quality services are provided to our credit union members. Real Estate Services strives to eliminate the problems associated with a real estate transaction by devoting more resources than usual.

This is accomplished through the efforts of a dedicated Member Advocate. Your Advocate will connect you with a CU Certified Real Estate Agent who is able to help you buy or sell your home. The Advocate helps you through the entire process, working with the Agent to ensure all time periods and critical decisions are addressed correctly. The Advocate is your partner and is looking out for your best interests throughout the transaction.

Additional benefits of the Credit Union Real Estate Services program:

  • Credit Union Certified Real Estate Agents

  • Dedicated Member Advocate

  • GE Homebuyer Privileges® Package

  • Rebate equal to 20% of your Realtor’s commission

For more information, contact a Members Mortgage loan officer at 800.316.9790

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